Cloughjordan in Autumn


The lovely Cloughjordan, 'in calm of middle country', is a typical small town in the peaceful heart of Ireland. Surrounded by signs of ancient settlements, the rich land has attracted humans for millennia.

In the middle of lush limestone countryside, there are signs everywhere here of the importance of horse breeding and training alongside everyday agricultural activity. Signs too of the people of Cloughjordan's interest and enthusiam for sports.

Views of Cloughjordan

From above the town, overlooking the Knockanacree beech woods a panorama of green fields and brown bogs stretches from the distant Shannon river to the Slieve Bloom mountains and south to the Silvermines

Cloughjordan is steeped in history and its modern cultural diversity has been molded in the crucible of the past. The town has played a significant part in the shaping of the modern Irish State, being the birthplace of Thomas MacDonagh, a famous Irish revolutionary.

And now Cloughjordan is looking to the future by hosting the development of Ireland's first eco-village, a project of over one hundred homes built to the highest environmental standards

Visitor or local, looking for information or trade, have a look around Cloughjordan's own website and see why this town in middle country has a lot to offer.

*From "A Season of Repose" by Cloughjordan-born Thomas MacDonagh

In summer time, under the leaves, in Calm
    Of middle country, sweet it is to be
    Alone amid the old monotony
Of sabbath Peace, which, holy as a Psalm
Of David, falls on aching Thought in balm,
    Rich with the reverence of high ecstasy
And dreams of David's land of vine and palm


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